In what I call euphemistically, my ‘Drive Down’ fishing tour, to deliver our poser car to our CdA bolt-hole for the Summer, the Correze was to be my first of three departments where I hoped to ‘net’ a French brownie, for the first time.

The six hour drive from Calais found me at my overnight stay in Chateauroux in Indre, before a further three hour drive to my meeting point with my guide for the next day.

The drive to Argentat on the morning of May11 was lovely and the weather and the scenery on that three hour drive distracted me. I found myself in terroir where my O2 system failed, which is not why I got lost around the pretty town of Tulle. It was the absence of decent signposting!

After nine hours of French roads, an overnight, then lack of telecoms, on arrival in Argentat, I found the meeting point where I hoped to meet Gregoire (Ribert)


but the setting seemed little to resemble the web picture upon which my hopes depended, and I had limited means to connect with my guide du jour!

But he did arrive anyway and quite quickly, and looking at the flows beneath us, after overnight rains, suggested we drive a way to fish a stream in good fettle, the Maronne.

A narrow river with sandy, muddy and soft margins, a few rocks in the shallows, and streaming weed in the flows, and easy wading beneath the leafy overhang of a tree lined beat, which reminded me of the Teign in southern Devon.

There was an amazing hatch suggesting prolific insect life and the nymphal forms probably provided the food the residents needed for few were rising. But Gregiore introduced me to downstream dry fly fishing. Cast across, then strip out line, waggling the rod tip to release this onto the water, and after a couple of tries I got it right and sure enough, and with a bushy caddis to tempt, his method worked for me!


I have fished the Dordogne before. Benoit (Canon) took me onto it near his home, at St Cyprien, many miles downstream in Aquitaine, where my success was limited to a couple of whitefish. Up here, the Dordogne was monstrously wide,


and the winds were blowing clumpy seeds onto the surfaces disguising where my clumpy March Brown was drifting!

But the trout found them…

Gregoire is a helpful and engaging guide, and very good company…






5 thoughts on “CORREZE

  1. My name’s Howard
    I teach fly fishing or just river guiding FREE
    I have fished the Maronne many times and most of the other rivers in the limousin. I live in magnac laval , the river Brame runs through our hamlet
    Very few trout! ?? Only found your blog today i will follow with interest
    Kind regards
    Howard Cook

    1. Thanks, Howard
      I liked the intimacy of the Maronne…
      Plotting for next season begins in earnest!
      Do I return and try to net the trout I missed in Aveyron,Gard,or Puy de Dome, or head to pastures new?
      Lovely problems to have! Aube and Picardie appeal…
      Tight lines

  2. Sounds lovely looking at moving over there next year really need to find some good fly fishing before the move. Did your guide speak English? Cheers Mike.

    1. Dear Mike
      I recall that Gregoire’s English was probably on a par with my French and we had no trouble communicating…and he was very instructional (is that a word?).
      Go to the Peche Correze website to see if he is still about, and if not, who could help you.
      Good luck, and I would love to hear how you get on

      1. Thanks Tony for getting back to me, I shall take a look at the website see if he is still around. .
        Cheers Mike

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