2017 is over, at least for fishing!

What a fun year for my fishing ‘en France’.

I fished more days than in previous years, ten, including my ‘drive down’ trip, but also on a separate visit to Picardie, and several from our home in the Cote d’Azur in Provence. I do love the alpine streams, in the Southern Alps, north of Nice.

I added three Regions to my tally (Languedoc-Rousillon, Midi-Pyrenees, and Picardie) and have now caught farios in all twelve regions I have fished !

I added five new Departments to my list from the six I fished this year (Lozere, Creuse, Haute-Vienne, Aveyron and Oise); and caught in five of the eight new rivers I fished.

Scan 38

I thank my hosts, including Ghislain (Bonnet), Eddy (Bertrand) for the second time he has guided me, Jean Marc (Vervelle), and thank you Laurent for connecting us, and David (Pearson). I enjoyed meeting Noel (Garner), and Christian (Dinesen), who bought the lot I offered in this year’s Wild Trout Trust annual lottery, and hope to fish with them in England, next Spring.

My plotting will begin in earnest in the New Year.


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