This is not a sorry tale. This IS a sorry tale. I tried hard and caught ‘rien’. But I found the most gorgeous river and I will return because this is the Somme stream I want to conquer in my fabulous French ‘quest’! My exchanges with ‘Peche 80’, and in particular, Simon Major (Agent de Developement at Fédération de la Somme pour la Pêche et … Continue reading Somme

OISE (#17)

Who knows where Oise is? How many Brits have even heard of ‘Oise’? If I said it was #60, would that help…? Not really maybe, but it’s in Picardie, and in parts, only an hour north of Paris, where I had to be in late May, this year. Never one to miss an opportunity to fish a Department  I had not,…but how? Laurent Sainsot is … Continue reading OISE (#17)