Ce Printemps est bizarre…

This Spring is bizarre… My visit to the Massif Central and my hopes of catching a fario, or two, in Allier, Puy de Dome, and Cantal have been defeated by the weather. Every river I studied was high, fast and coloured. It rained the night of my stay at ‘Le Beau Site d’Auvergne’ and whilst mine host encouraged, the forecast for the next two days was … Continue reading Ce Printemps est bizarre…

2017 is over, at least for fishing!

What a fun year for my fishing ‘en France’. I fished more days than in previous years, ten, including my ‘drive down’ trip, but also on a separate visit to Picardie, and several from our home in the Cote d’Azur in Provence. I do love the alpine streams, in the Southern Alps, north of Nice. I added three Regions to my tally (Languedoc-Rousillon, Midi-Pyrenees, and … Continue reading 2017 is over, at least for fishing!


This is not a sorry tale. This IS a sorry tale. I tried hard and caught ‘rien’. But I found the most gorgeous river and I will return because this is the Somme stream I want to conquer in my fabulous French ‘quest’! My exchanges with ‘Peche 80’, and in particular, Simon Major (Agent de Developement at Fédération de la Somme pour la Pêche et … Continue reading Somme

OISE (#17)

Who knows where Oise is? How many Brits have even heard of ‘Oise’? If I said it was #60, would that help…? Not really maybe, but it’s in Picardie, and in parts, only an hour north of Paris, where I had to be in late May, this year. Never one to miss an opportunity to fish a Department  I had not,…but how? Laurent Sainsot is … Continue reading OISE (#17)

CREUSE (#13)

The Massif Central is a vast space covering some 85000 square kilometres, and stretches over 200 miles North to South, and, at its widest, stretches 175 miles from East to West. Until the arrival of the first railways in France, it was so remote that the only people who crossed it were pilgrims. In winter it was a bleak and snowbound place, which made travelling … Continue reading CREUSE (#13)