You don’t fish for a second time, with a Guide you don’t like, or rate. I first fished with Eddy Bertrand in 2015 with Rob Pickering (Pikko), and although visits to three rivers did not deliver a single fario for either of us, we both enjoyed Eddy’s company, and so it was to him I turned to win what I could not the first time, … Continue reading AVEYRON (#16)

CREUSE (#13)

The Massif Central is a vast space covering some 85000 square kilometres, and stretches over 200 miles North to South, and, at its widest, stretches 175 miles from East to West. Until the arrival of the first railways in France, it was so remote that the only people who crossed it were pilgrims. In winter it was a bleak and snowbound place, which made travelling … Continue reading CREUSE (#13)