OISE (#17)

Who knows where Oise is? How many Brits have even heard of ‘Oise’? If I said it was #60, would that help…? Not really maybe, but it’s in Picardie, and in parts, only an hour north of Paris, where I had to be in late May, this year. Never one to miss an opportunity to fish a Department  I had not,…but how? Laurent Sainsot is … Continue reading OISE (#17)


I received this note from Michael just days before setting of – “Bonjour Thony, Oui la date arrive vite, j’espère aussi qu’il ai du poissons, ici nous venons d’avoir une vague de froid avec de la neige avant hier, prenez des affaires chaudes, la pêche s’annonce dure pour être honnête, je pense que nous pêcherons dans de petites rivières. A bientôt, Michaël! “ So the … Continue reading HAUTE-MARNE